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            The space was designed for an international horse journalist who wanted to ensure a large open exterior space to enjoy Florida’s winter equestrian season, a nice break from the cold harsh winters of the north. They required a large BBQ and table to serve drinks food and socialize to create a cozy accommodating space for small gatherings. Originally a clean grass space in the backyard they felt in needed proper functionality, which we agreed.

            The space had to feel like Florida but create comfort so the owners could enjoy year around. We felt as the space had the necessity to create mood and ambiance surrounded by the features people know and love about Florida: dense vegetation, a kaleidoscope of light and shadow, and a collage of warm and cold materials such as concrete stone and wood. These characteristics would create the large functional space to cook but more importantly to enjoy.

            The circle is the historic form of congregation, around the hearth of conversation. This was the main concept of the courtyard. The four basic elements were represented inside this geometry. Water was incorporated in the matter of a small fountain. Fire is the centerpiece around where the food conversation radiates. Earth represented by the beautiful bougainvillea planted radially to reinforce the form. Wind and air represented by a delicate chime that hangs from the overarching trellis. Under this trellis, a long structure forms an exterior kitchen and table. The trellis gives us protection and unity inside its all-encompassing engagement.

            Geometry and simplicity are the key elements that make this small project a winner. The communication between the inside and the outside, is always a very strong concept in our design beliefs. When the exterior speaks to the interior and vice versa the space expands both functionally and visually.

            This house was on and off the market in a single night and we would like to think it was all because of the thoughtfulness of every step. The cocktail nights and gatherings with good friends around the fire and food were one to remember. We will always reminisce this place with wholesome sentiments.



2259 Las Brisas Ct, Wellington, FL 33414, USA




Mark Sabbah


1,000 SQ. FT.






Residential Addition



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