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            The house was designed for a couple with a baby girl. The ambition to have a house to raise their kid and teach her about nature and different ways of thinking. The lot was covered with slash Florida pine; this tree is part of an ecosystem called flatwoods. A number of rare and endangered animals are typical of this habitat including red-cocked woodpeckers, gopher tortoises, frosted flatwoods salamander and striped newts. Many rare and unusual herbaceous plants are found here, particularly orchids, sedges and carnivorous plants. They wanted to keep this piece of land as pristine as possible and be as close to nature as can be.

            The principal goal was to leave land untouched, preserving the ecosystem and giving them the freedom to keep the landscape without special care. Another goal was to achieve a simple and useful house, a house with the slogan “back to the basics” written clear and loud. The integration with the site was a number one priority. Making the most of a modest budget in the interior and the exterior of the structure.

            Two volumes were placed on site with an angle keeping the principal volume oriented east-west. The north side of this volume has the largest windows permitting the biggest amount of green light into the space. A second volume intersecting, the first volume, contains the garage and studio. The intersection giving birth to a courtyard. Upon entry of the house, you’re introduced to the courtyard where the main door will lead you to the living space. The principal living areas (living room, dining room, kitchen and bar) are collected into one big space that is open to the flatwoods. The palette of materials is simple, and their muted tranquility celebrates the beauty of their natural states.

            Architecture for us is vital in the way the spaces provoke lifestyles and changes of mind. The interior spaces have a symbiotic relation with the exterior spaces. These spaces co-depend on each other for purpose.  The house was designed in modules (of 12’) with precise use of geometry, this is very convenient in construction. The materials came in measurements to minimize waste, which in turn lowers costs as well.  The use of northern light is another important factor, a well-lit environment attracts good habits increases well-being and lowers artificial cooling costs.

            Designed for a family that wanted to enjoy the experience of the natural setting in all seasons, the house is purposefully opened to the surrounding landscape. The casual lifestyle is picked up in the informal layout of the house and its use of the natural and understated interior finishes. The house has since been sold to another couple. The original owner affirms that during his entire 15 years of ownership he did not have to repair a single element around the house.



930 Rambling Dr Cir, Wellington, FL 33414, USA




Gary & Anne Smith


3,000 SQ. FT.






Residential New Construction


Mario Fernandez, Air-O-dynamic

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