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            The owners of this house are designers of an internationally sold shoe brand, always pushing to be modern and innovative. Saying that, we went ahead and incorporated a strong and creative design. The owners’ dream was to create an oasis to raise a family (four members in total) and spend time close to the water, a water’s edge retreat. The plot for this house is in a beautiful deep canal in Lighthouse Point, Florida.

            We wanted to reflect his strong bond with innovative design without oppressing the coziness of a home. The face to the street was designed to create privacy in contrast with the canal side that is quite open and friendly. Designing each façade to the roles they play in connection to their exterior space, the utilitarian front yard and the relaxing backyard. The magic of this house lies in the simplicity of lines and forms but with a straightforward modern design, evoking the playfulness of summer on the sea and emphasizing exterior living space.

            Our answer was to position one slanted volume with a cube inserted. A third volume marks the garage. The higher volume houses the second-floor spaces of the house where the kid’s rooms are. The big cube makes reference to the light house, where the function comes alive, this room is the office of the shoe designer. In this house the sense of water is married to a high modern design. All areas of the house were designed to flow directly into the views of the canal, the sea being the big anchor. All the rooms of the house have a direct connection with the water. The three volumes are characterized by one different color reinforcing the idea of interlocking, again in contrast, the back was a unified formally as well as in hue.  Large expanses of glass in the South allow abundant light and air into these spaces while a broad overhang and shading devices protect them from the harsh Florida sun.

            The two northern windows are large and open to give light to the office, stairs and living space. To the south the house is open and relaxed. The white is the predominate color applied on the walls with some cobalt blue tiles. The interior pallet is very soft and uniform. The main living space is one and totally open to water. Thoughtfully selected materials and plentiful views of the water seamlessly blend indoors and out while providing a backdrop for the home's water views.

            The house is deeply rooted in the personality of the owners. After 30 years the house is still the retreat for this family. Now with married kids with grandkids there is plenty of time to be spent around the water.



2800 NE 48th Ct, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064, USA




Javier Velez


3,000 SQ. FT.






Residential New Construction


Alex Metzler

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