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            Originally the project was intended to be a single room remodel but quickly became a completely new home after a series of happy results. Bathrooms, closets, kitchen and even landscaping and the pool area were recreated. The owner was a big southern art collector specialized in quilts and antiques and she wanted a unique space to showcase them.

            We wanted a way to revision the space without losing the roots the place has as a southern cabin style home. Primarily relying on the simple yet rustic cozy spirit of the house helped when detailing key spaces such as the kitchen and bathrooms which underwent the majority of the changes.

            In concept, we decided that the building blocks or core of house was to be maintained. We would leave the structure intact as to not affect the soul. No square footage was gained or lost as all the changes were kept within the existing perimeter of the building. We started by looking at our main goal which was to incorporate their art collection into the design. We inspired each space’s materials and colors from the relevant art pieces. Incorporating stained glass pieces into specific spaces such as the den which was enclosed and the guest bedrooms. The guest room which was fitted for use as an office and a gym. Which we then flanked with a beautiful change in landscape in motivated by history embedded. Hundreds of perennial flowering plants underlaid by annuals surrounded the existing live oaks shading the nearby grasses. We incorporated modern amenities without changing their authenticity. We reinstalled plumbing and A.C. throughout the house to a more modern efficient and environmentally friendly system. Their art pieces recover privileged spaces in the house. The pool area and guest house take on a new look. The kitchen being open now, is the centerpiece of the home to be enjoyed by the family. The earthy colors we incorporated made the spaces rustic and cozy. We created spaces for the soul.

            This house took a different flavor. The art from the oriental carpets and the quilts were placed like jewel pieces, iconic and sparse. The color palette in the earthy tones, was used consciously in every space to give the house a wholeness.  The landscape was award winning using the shade of the trees as an advantage to plant ground covers sometimes difficult in Florida, because of the amount of direct Sun. In the end the house was designed to be enjoyed inside and out, and in the center for the family to congregate for important holidays and occasions. The house is now their HOME.



14601 W Palomino Dr, Southwest Ranches, FL 33330, USA




Fred & Sheila Mead


4,500 SQ. FT.






Residential Remodel


Francisco Sole, Mario Fernandez

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