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our philosophy

gutierrez & uribe

Design is about problem solving. Our philosophy is based on solving the most critical problems architecture faces in modern society. Bringing these ideas together in a harmony.

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location is our inspiration


Location speaks to history. Location speaks to the surrounding environment. Locations speaks to light. Allow these forces to create a symbiotic relationship with the architecture.

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your home your needs


Your home is where you live relax and sometimes work. Lifestyle, hobbies, and preferences all affect what you do. So why shouldn't your home?

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strength in construction

Trained also as a builders we don't solely focus on good design but also potential structural issues and complications that commonly arise. While it can be incredibly challenging to actually build sometimes it’s not impossible to make an uncommon built form that is also structural stable.

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spaces for the senses


Designing buildings where the occupants are at the center. We play with light, textures and sounds.  Structures can express how light and darkness can be harnessed to create truly powerful experiences. Tastes and smells are associated in your brain when you enter and a response is produce. The main factor is engaging with the environment — and that impacts the way we feel, think, and behave.

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meet the team

gutierrez & uribe

The brains behind Gutierrez + Uribe.

Co-founder of Gutierrez & Uribe, Imelda is passionate about designing architecture that connects with the environment. She enjoys close collaboration with clients. Her training in landscapes helps harmonize the  environment with the building. She enjoys details that connect and elevate the daily experiences creating timeless and natural environments.

Born and raised as a third generation architect Miguel Gutierrez has always been immediately invested in the design process. His projects have won awards and have been included in the architecture biennale 2018 and an exhibit in the MoMA. After working several years in NYC firms Miguel has brought his years of experience back to G+U.

Luis M. has designed a range of project types, from private residences, equestrian facilities to mixed-used buildings, multi-family developments, art spaces, historic commercial renovations private jet interiors and urban design projects. He has worked with several large architecture firms in Colombia , in the London and the United States.

Luis Miguel





Gutierrez Uribe


Architect AIA


Architectural and Landscape


Architectural Designer


Since founding G+U with Imelda Uribe in 1993, Luis M. Gutierrez has produced regional designs that reflect a commitment to a unique site that connect people and animals to the natural environment. A window, a garden, a wall, and a corridor in a space are key elements to reflect the study of place, climate and cultural precedent. The result is a design with transformative experiences that seeks to conserve energy and natural resources while creating healthy built environments.  Luis' designs meet diverse program requirements while creating spaces that are meaningful and are tied to their particular surroundings.

Imelda shares with Luis the passion for horses, and believes in the importance of natural light and ventilation. Giving the horses the elements to be healthy and happy in a domesticated life. The result are barns that don't contradict natural equine instinct and adapt totally to the environment. 


Belief in the functionality of spaces where the architecture is to serve, and to develop our inner soul. Our homes should be sanctuaries.  Architecture should empower those spaces provoking on us a positive mind on our daily decisions and actions. 

His passions lie in computer modeling and architectural representation. Using computational design as a method to organize logic into geometries, Miguel believes that a strong end result comes from a hard inquiry of the functions of each element. Understanding fundamental relationships between spaces and their uses while being keen on its repercussion to the user. Allowing spaces to become both an informer and the informed.


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gutierrez & uribe

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