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           The clients for Sisco Residence were very unique. Dennis and Alex had very distinct workshop requirements that resulted in this one of a kind project. He was an avid woodworker, and thus required a large space to produce all his work and house all his heavy machinery. Alex on the other hand wanted a quilting studio for her large textiles. The kitchen and living spaces were to be large to accommodate all their guests and family during horse season which doubles the population of Wellington, December through April. Finally, and probably the most difficult obstacle for us was that they insisted their home be built in a more classical design. Considering this wasn’t or specialty we took it as a challenge. Located in a 5-acre vacant lot full of native Florida pine trees, this was their dream home.

            Our main objective began was to create a more conservative traditional home which resided in todays contemporary world. As an artist she wanted to orient the house around the use of bright colors common to quilting. Her personality craved a calm and soothing experience, and so the house had to reflect that. This solidified our goals: to build a home for a couple with years of marriage and a very unique concept set out for their new home. We wanted to deliver a project with uniquely adaptable design, enabling its inhabitants to be partners with the environment and shaped by its climate.

            We began by positioning the building close to the front and allowed the back enough space for a future barn development. We decided to occupy only the meadow in this pine land to avoid cutting the majority of trees. By dividing the volume into three parts, the panoramic views and the use of sunlight became our best ally. The relationship of the three volumes gave us the opportunity to create exterior spaces reflecting of the interior.  In order to intensify this sculptural quality, all facades have minimal openings and the roof becomes the exterior walls. The diversity of the exterior spaces gives us the opportunity to add features that emphasize the character of each one. The three volumes are attached to the colonnade that acts as a spine, giving the house direction and hierarchy. Attached the spine we created a linear water feature that orients you to the main entry. Upon entry you’re introduced to a double height space with the stairs to the second floor. After the foyer you have the decision to enter the main living room or to the kitchen and dining room. In the second floor the rooms develop in a more private means. The second floor is allotted to only two of the three volumes, seeing as the workshops are more independent. Creating a linear procession upstairs maintains privacy while maintaining the distinct indoor-outdoor relationship between the volumes.

            The use of certain vernacular techniques applied in the modern world gives as a project with good design, quality and practicality. Even with so many windows, the orientation of the openings allow the use of an abundance of glazing without gaining heat from the Florida sun. Emphasizing specific spaces with vertical gardens, pergolas, and water.  Inspired by the dogtrot house the roof connects the volumes giving shape to a corridor, this breezeway provides airflow from one courtyard to the next with nothing but nature to thank.

            “One night, when we were lying in bed, I saw the black sky with Venus in the corner of my window.” After a brief silence, Alex thought. “I love this space so much." This emphasis on the experiences created through the spaces means so much more to us than a pretty house. Allowing the phenomenology of spaces to have a two-way communication with our emotions is what architecture is about. This was the best gift we as architects could receive.



5640 Reynolds Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33449, USA




Dennis & Alex Sisco


10,000 SQ. FT.






Residential New Construction


Carlos Peralta, Andres Gutierrez, KO Energy Calculations, Eduardo Samour

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